Nik Bartunek


Nik Bartunek is a California, Bay Area musician and songwriter. Formerly fronting the Indie Rock/Alternative group Picture Atlantic, and now fronting the outfit Byzantine Talk, Bartunek has been playing in the Bay Area and West Coast for over 12 years. Embarking now on a solo project that accents and blends many styles, his sound is however uniquely his own. Pulling inspiration from folk artists such as Nick Drake, and Fionn Regan, he also draws on the power and diversity of artists such as Malian chanteur Boubacar Traore, James Blake, Dawes, and many more.

Nik is currently in the process of recording a new release. To Stay up to date with his project, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and through his mailing list.

"In addition, also for professional bias, I cannot deny that Nikolaus’ voice is able to reach me clearly and perfectly, all while disclosing an endless sequence of emotions that only few singers can leak. In short, a twisted mix between Chris Martin’s pure voice and Robert Plant’s soul (the more I listen to his voice the more I feel this similarity, totally unusual and distinctive). -