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Email, in light of it's age, is still the most effective way to keep in touch. Facebook, once a bastion for independent artists, has left many artists lost in the digital noise. Especially with Facebook's new feed-algorithms, just 'liking' an artist or band isn't enough. Many times, what a band is posting, you end up not seeing. Twitter, and Instagram are much more fun and effective, but a bands updates will get lost in the wash of constant feed updates. Signing up for Nik's email list will be a non-obnoxious way for Nik to update you directly about shows in your area, new releases, and related news. Consider signing up as a way to support Nik more directly, and let your decision to support and follow an artist be honored, with a full view of what that artist is sharing.

Our promise to you is to never over e-mail, spam, or pester you. All emails will be relevant to Nik and his musical endeavors.